Animal Farming

The ever increasing intensity of livestock in animal farming and the rising cost of synthetic fertilizers makes it necessary to manage slurry and livestock manure wisely.
Recovering and reusing valuable nutrients is of paramount importance.

The use of an integrated bio optimization system makes it possible to improve their management and quality

  • Increased quality and speed of slurry maturation
  • Abatement of the formation of harmful g
  • ases such as gaseous ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Control of putrefactive phenomena on surfaces and storage tanks
  • Improved fluidization of sewage, improving its homogeneity and handling
  • Control of odors

Cattle: Litter and manure pots.

Wise management of the modern cattle farm requires special attention in the organization of barn work andmanure handling.

It is of particular interest to optimize some of the particularly laborious and onerous operations devoted tolitter maintenance and manure collection.

The use of our bacterial consortia, both powder and liquid, makes it possible to activate a healthy biologicalprocess that leads to efficient use of the media used, rationalizing their application and greatly improving theenvironmental hygiene of the barn.

Horses: Cubicle bedding.

In the treatment of bedding, a good internal temperature is maintained from the beginning of applications,keeping it dry and of excellent firmness.

The most noticeable results are : Disappearance of ammonia exhalations, drylitter, perfect hoof (free ofwoodworm).

Pigs : Dung collection tanks.

The inoculation of our specific bacterial consortia finally makes it possible to considerably reduce the problemof the formation of noxious and malodorous gases, while reducing the need for the use of a lot of washingwater.

Specially selected microorganisms, present in large quantities with facultative characteristics (aerobic andanaerobic) as a result of a particularly accelerated metabolization perform a highly effective deodorizingaction due to the prevention of putrefactive phenomena.

At the same time, the bottom sludge and surface crusts are effectively reduced by increasing the capacity ofthe pots and the pumpability of manure.

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