Waste treatment

Organic waste is bound to deteriorate over time, mainly by fermentation leading to problems of exhalationand environmental pollution, due to leachates.

The use of biological activators and natural odor neutralizers makes it possible to control putrefactivephenomena:

  • Deodorization of food waste piles.
  • Deodorization ofcompactors and dumpsters.
  • Deodorization of municipal waste piles.
  • Acceleration and deodorization of composting.

The biological process makes it possible, already after very few hours, to perceive a considerable reduction inmalodors. The improvement willincrease in the following hours, exponentially.

The synergistic combination of the selected bacterial strains with powerful odor neutralizers makes it possibleto anticipate the deodorizing action from the stage of product application, so that the productcan be usedeven in cases where instant deodorization is needed.

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