Community such as Ho.Re.Ca. and cleaning services, in addition to being committed to maintaining a highstandard of cleanliness and service, need to use products that are functional and safe for people and theenvironment.

Traditional cleaning in many cases requires the massiveuse of biocides and synthetic chemical compoundsthat are difficult to biodegrade, with a long-term negative effect on water and the environment around us.

Our biological activators are formulated to be safe and environmentally sustainable, enabling long-lastingcleaning of surfaces and consistent odor control over time.

  • Long-term cleaning and deodorization of surfaces and floors
  • Maintenance and cleaning of wastewater management facilities (grease traps, septic tanks)
  • Cleaning of ductwork and siphons
  • Cleaning of fabrics and upholstery
  • Odor control for waste rooms
  • Odor control from toilets

Increasing the efficiency of natural regeneration and cleaning processes allows us to achieve long-term resultswhile maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety, preserving the environment and people fromexposure to sensitizing substances that are difficult to biodegrade in the environment.

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