The use of biological activators combined with sustainable chemistry enables the cleaning and control ofodors in environments.

The control of putrefactive phenomena due to organic dirt on surfaces makes it possible to lower theformation of noxiousgases and foul-smelling volative compounds, dissolve and clean accumulated organicdeposits.

All in a natural way and without the use of synthetic compounds dangerous to animals, operators and theenvironment.Industries, along their production processesface various challenges related to biological pollution.

And it is increasingly important to solve these challenges with a sustainable and natural approach, so as tolimit the environmental impact due to the management of organic pollutants

  • Activated Sludge Purification
  • Sewer systems for wastewater management, booster wells, sedimentation tanks
  • Septic tanks and grease traps
  • Grates and sewers-Solid waste management
  • Bioscrubbers
  • Sludge management
  • Leachate control

Using applied biotechnology andsustainable chemistry, we optimize processes so as to:

  • Improve activated sludge purification
  • Decrease the volume of waste sludge, increasing its efficiency
  • Control odors, due to putrefaction phenomena of organic substrates polluting surfaces, gratings,andorganic processing waste
  • Improve degradation and removal of pollutants from effluent and sewage
  • Increase the sequestration and degradation of volatile organic compounds

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