The constant increase of wastewater from production processes, leads to the need to optimize the purification plants in order to put back into the environment, clean water and compatible with it.

The use of specifically formulated biological activators, allows to increase the efficiency of the plants and toovercome criticalities due to a sudden change in the quality and composition of the tributaries, improvingtheir overall management.

Our biological activators, are a natural and more efficient alternative of using aggressive chemistry

  • Increased quality of activated sludge
  • Degradation and removal of organicpollutants
  • Biomass restorationImproved flocculation and settleability
  • Improved clarification
  • Deodorization of sludge at outlet
  • Abatement of odor production along the supply chain

The combined use of odor neutralizers and specific biological activatorsmakes it possible to controland optimize the various stages of purification

The application of biological activators increases the quality of the output water, the working conditions of the operators and reducing the use of aggressive chemicals.

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