Biological activation technology

Nature as a guide

Nature has given usself-healing processes that largely use microorganisms considered ''scavengers".

These microorganisms have always transformed and regenerated the environment by cleaning seas, forestsand every earthly ecosystem of organic substances that are no longerviable. The continuous centralization ofpeople in cities, the increasing intensity of livestock farming in animal husbandry and the heavy exploitationof natural resources lead to a high concentration of organic waste not allowing natural cleaning systemstofunction properly.

For this reason, we at ALSO Biotech, enhance and increase the natural purifying capacity by applying selectedmicroorganisms and specific technologies to restore the proper balance

Selection and research

We identify in the naturalenvironment, bacteria that best perform cleaning and regeneration tasks.

We select bacteria by type of application and use. We create sustainable solutions that trace and improvecleaning and regeneration processes, even in settings where the concentration of organic pollutants is veryhigh, respecting human and environmental health.

A more sustainable world

We make biotechnology available to provide more efficient solutions and alternatives to the use of chemicalsand traditional processes with high environmental impact.

We regenerate and utilize what is considered waste or scrap, into highly fertilizing components.


The most versatile organisms in the ecosystem

They play a key role in the biochemical processes of the nitrogen and carbon cycles,accompanying themthroughout the transformation and regeneration of organic matter.

Microorganisms are present in almost all environments and have evolved to be able to survive a multitude ofenvironmental factors, even the most extreme. This versatilityhas always been used by humans to producefermented foods, for example: cheese, bread, wine, etc.

For many years we have understood how microorganisms in general, bacteria in particular, can be applied forproblems related to organic pollution.Nature takes care of organic residues by transforming them, thanks to the incredible adaptive capacity ofbacteria, putting valuable nutrients back into the ecosystem.

This is for the benefit of other more complexforms of life, such as plants and animals.Bacteria actively feed on organic material, creating biological enzymes and surfactants so that they can reduceorganic macro molecules, into simpler molecules. Coming to perform their function deeply and continuouslyuntil the food source is depleted.

We select and apply those microorganisms with the abilities to carry out efficient biological degradation andcleaning, so that their decomposition is greatly accelerated, without the typical undesirable effects; badodors, poor efficiency.

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The proteins t hat make natural reactions possible

Enzyme catalysts are extremely active compounds produced by microorganisms and perform a variety offunctions vital to microbial life.

One of the most important is their ability to break down organic wastes into simplermolecules such as sugarsand amino acids, thus enabling the microorganism to use them as a source of nutrients for growth andreproduction

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Green Chemistry

Environmentally friendly and bioactive components for a more sustainable future

The use of green chemical components from renewable sources, represents a major step forward in thedevelopment of products that are kinder to the environment and human health. They can be used in manyfields, such as detergents, agriculture and the food industry, to createproducts that are effective yet earth-friendly.

Combining them with bacteria and enzymes serves to maximize their effectiveness and achieve amazingresults.

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