How does biotechnology work?

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to perform tasks and solve specific problems.

Biotechnology cleaning products use bacteria and enzymes to fight dirt, metabolizing organic residues, andeliminating substances that cause unpleasant odors.

What are biological activators?

These are products that u se different chemical and biochemical synergies depending on their purpose and application.
Biological activators are compounds that take advantage of natural cleansing processes, with specific microorganisms to degrade and eventually return the valuable components of more complex molecules to the environment.
They also make it possible to drastically reduce the use of synthetic chemistry, offering a sustainable and welfare - oriented approach to the environment and human health.

What are the characteristics of biotechnological cleaning products?

Biotechnology products are known to be efficient, clean and sustainable. Instead of relying on chemicals, wework with nature to keep the spaces where we live and work clean and healthy.

Think of thebacteria in our products as a cleaning crew doing the work for you.

Can detergency be effective and sustainable?

While traditional detergency stops within minutes of application, the use of microorganisms, enzymes andgreen chemistry ensures deep andlasting cleaning on surfaces.

Biological activators are able to continue the cleaning action over time, and working at the microscopic level,the cleaning action takes place even in microporosity. Going on to simplify subsequent cleaning.

By increasing the effectiveness of cleaning products, we can reduce the use of harsh and harmful chemicalcomponents, improving health and environmental safety

Traditional chemistry stops a few minutes after application, while biotechnology products carry on thecleaning action over time, until the organic matter and thus the food source for bacteria is depleted.

The specialists in biological activators

For more than 30 years, ALSO Biotech has progressively refined selected bacterial cultures and specificenzyme extracts, creating our unique bio-active ingredients.

We produce these ingredients, stabilize them and formulate them properly so that they do their cleansingwork efficiently and consistently.

We find the natural alternative for you