ALSO Biotech

Founded in 1993, ALSO Biotech is Italy's leading manufacturer of biological activators involved in thebioremediation of the elements: Earth, Air and Water.

our vision

We provide a natural and sustainable alternative to organic pollution problems to solve them easily and efficiently by applying the best of biotechnology.


We work closely with formulators to assist them in creating biological activators and natural solutions.Wecreate customized support on customer characteristics and needs, balancing and providing the bestbacterial consortia and co-formulants in line with the application purpose.Our support:

  • Formulation
  • Regulatory
  • Communication
  • Testing and start-up
  • Analysisof results
  • Quality control
  • Product launching

DNV Quality System

The DNV Quality System, which we have adopted since 1999, guides and controls all phases of our activities,in:

  • Commercial action
  • Technical assistance
  • New product design
  • Verification of rawmaterials-in acquisition and subsequent storage
  • All stages of production and packaging
  • Storage of finished products in warehouse
  • Shipping to customers


Our biological activator lines provide a fast and straightforward approach.

With fully formulated, ready-to-use solutionsPROTEC-branded line-Biotechnology for the Environment , ready for sale.Fully retailer-branded line development, with the highest level of customization.

Commitment and perseverance

We are continuously searching for natural solutions to pollution challenges.
Our in house laboratory and production workshop are constantly engaged in developing sustainable approaches and product quality checks.

We find the natural alternative for you